Your Home, Your Locks.

The first thing you need for home protection is a good lock on each door. This will prevent most break-ins. Since you need a lock, why not install one that is going to last? Why not install the latest technology?

The latest and greatest in the lock industry is the smart-key lock. They cannot be picked, they’re incredibly difficult to destroy, and they’re convenient for you. Some even work with your smartphone! Ask about re-keying today! Give your kids or friends access with a unique PIN assigned to them, or give an invite via the mobile app. Make custom key cards that fit in your wallet and don’t have a risk of breaking off in the lock.

The most advanced ones come with proximity sensing that can unlock your door when you approach it with your registered cellphone in hand! No more fumbling for keys while you’re carrying all those grocery bags. We can set your home up to be voice controlled with new items such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home! Imagine laying down in bed and saying “Okay Google, lock up,” and having the peace of mind that all your doors and windows just securely locked for the night.

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