Access Control Systems

Our specialty is lock-opening, re-keying, opening your car, and keeping your home and business safe. One of the most important services we offer is the installation and management of Access Control Systems.

Access Control Systems are a specialized combination of security systems, electronic locks, and management software that allow you to let the right people in and keep anyone else out. In a business this could mean letting your managers in some places and others elsewhere, or letting someone close up shop but not re-open it until the next morning. In a school this could mean allowing faculty access to specific areas, like science teachers could access labs while janitorial staff could get in storage closets. Students would be kept away from anything dangerous.

These systems are the future. They are the ultimate in organization and security. We feel they’re so important to your lives that we’ll offer free consultations and can offer free estimates.

We can make sure to set it up so it’s user-friendly. You’ll be able to add and remove users and give them access with key-codes, biometric logins, keycards, etc.

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