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Whether you left your keys in the now-locked office or somewhere on the golf course we know that this situation is tough. The only thing that can truly fix it is if a highly trained and polite technician arrives quickly. The Reliable Locksmith can provide this home locksmith service with a smile that you need on a day like today. Our technicians are ready to get through any locks and get you in your home. This includes passcode locks, biodigital, or deadbolts.

Ready for new locks?

The Reliable Locksmith also has the capability to arrange your house with state of the art defensive locks. The best way to keep your home safe is to make it impenetrable to theives. Our team can set your home up with a wide variety of rekeyable locks, electronic lock systems, or any custom lock that you want.

At The Reliable Locksmith, we separate ourselves by taking every stride possible to give you the lowest possible price. This goes all the way down to the technicians. When they arrive on site, they will not push for product sales but rather will try to fix what you already have. With most companies, they place their consideration of their profits over their service. They will do whatever it takes to convince you to replace the lock when a more skilled technician could simply repair it for a third the cost. At the same time, if the lock that is in place is not secure enough, we will still bring the tools and options so that a new lock could be installed. With more than 10 years of experience, our crew is more than capable of creating the security environment that you need at the price you want.

For Landlords, Realtors, and all.

Get unbeatable rates on the most convenient locks. Rekey locks after evicted renters in minutes and secure the home for the future at little cost to yourself. Raise the value of a home by investing in higher security biolocks, creating individual door locks with master key capabilities, or by replacing aged locks. Also, all returning clients get steep discounts on available products as an appreciation of your support.

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