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There's plenty of locksmiths in Winter Park, so who do you choose? The Reliable Locksmith is your trusted local locksmith. Don't waste your time with changing rates and surprise charges. We're here to service Winter Park fairly with up-front, honest, and quick service.

We have the latest technology, latest skills, and latest techniques necessary to provide you with the best security available. Give us a call!

Let our satisfied customers tell you why they would choose us again:

Thank goodess for The Reliable Locksmith! I left my home to go for a walk, and carelessly locked myself out. Upon returning home and realizing my mistake, I began to panic as I realized I would be seriously late to work, and miss an important meeting. However, upon calling The Reliable Locksmith I was greeted by a wonderful dispatcher who was able to send out a locksmith to my location. After a short wait, the technician arrived, and was already up to speed on my problem, and had the necessary tools ready. He was very calm and careful in his work, taking care not to damage the face of my lock, while making unwavering progress, and keeping me up to date on his actions. I found it fascinating to see him work, but was amazed as he popped my door open. Their rate was affordable, and most of all the friendly, and expeditious service meant I made it to the office with a few minutes to spare. Next time I forget my keys, I know exactly who to call! (assuming I didn’t also forget my phone) -- Emily Keith - Longwood

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