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Do you need a locksmith? Are you in Longwood? The Reliable Locksmith is Longwood's trusted locksmithing company. Years of experience and happy customers has pushed our name to be trusted. We'll install new locks, rekey existing ones, unlock old broken locks, and save you time and money while we do it. No more fretting about sketchy locksmiths! Safety and presence of mind is what you get.

Let our satisfied customers tell you why they would choose us again:

I'm still not sure how, but I broke my key inside my front door lock. It was the middle of the night and my phone was almost dead. I called the first name that popped up for locksmiths in Longwood and The Reliable Locksmith showed up right away. I expected some exorbitant rate due to the late night call, but I was only charge the standard rate. The technician was pleasant and quick. He had the piece of the key removed and had the door unlocked in fifteen minutes, even thought we were chatting the whole time.
-- Sarah Monze - Orlando

After hearing of a recent break in, I began to worry about the security of my home. I have an alarm system, which will notify the police of a break in, but with kids at home I shudder to think of what could happen in the time it takes the police to arrive. I decided that I should consult an expert, rang The Reliable Locksmith, and explained to them my concern. They engaged me in a highly informative conversation, explaining about bump resistant locks, and keyless locks. I had many questions which they answered without hesitation. For example when I queried about how these locks are better than what I have, they explained the pins in the locks usually just have to be depressed in the vertical direction, however bump resistant locks have pins that have to be depressed vertically and horizontally making it very difficult to pick. The price was more than the average lock, but it was worth it to me, as it would provide another barrier to an unwanted intruder. I scheduled an appointment, and the technician arrived promptly on time. They did an excellent job, breaking the seals and opening the new locks in front of me, to prove they weren’t tampered with before hand. I was very pleased with the service, and I deeply appreciated the time they took to answer my questions. I’d recommend them to anyone, as well as use them if I needed a locksmith.
-- Albert Riley - Winter Park

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